Integrated project management

Integrated Project Management understands and contemplates all the phases derived from the development of a project. At Invercrea we seek to become your main consultant, we are able to take on the coordination and supervision of the project to ensure its success.

We plan, organise and supervise all phases of the project. Our work methodology avoids the risks and errors that can arise during the development of a project. We supervise all the phases of the project, coordinate the teams and contractors, thus optimising the investment made and reducing the deadlines.

Integrated contracting and construction management

Our team of professionals is able to take on the organisation, coordination and supervision of the contracting and execution of the works. We are able to become your voice before the contractors and suppliers who will execute the work.

Under our management and coordination you will hire the contractors and suppliers, we will take care of the rest. Our technical team on site will be in charge of directing and organising the parties involved during the execution of the works. In this way, the control over the works is maximum and will be reflected in a saving of the deadlines and the derived costs.

Economic and deadline control

At Invercrea we have great professionals capable of understanding your project and intervening in all its phases.

We are able to detect and reduce all unforeseen costs that may arise during the materialisation of the project. In the same way, by assuming the communication between all the parties involved, we will be able to eliminate dead times, thus reducing the project deadlines as much as possible.