As a platform of professionals, INVERCREA includes experts from different fields of expertise, different personalities and tastes. However, we all share the same insight to face challenging projects: we focus on understanding the ideas and needs of each individual client, we adapt to their insight and working criteria, we blend in and seamlessly integrate into your teams, we create synergies to execute your initiatives and sustain your goals efficiently and cost-effectively.

The combination of experience, skills and accumulated knowledge defines our dedicated and driven team. We share a deep commitment to clients and a passion for excellence which leads to goals met in every challenge we face.

Our key differentiators set us apart regardless of project type, streamlining project results, the product of collective intelligence and the study of many companies in which we integrated, leading their logistics and productive facilities investments and sharing a 360º view of the project lifecycle, design, execution or construction management, developed along with the team’s professional life.

We achieve project high quality and successfully meet owner’s satisfaction because we possess strong interpersonal skills to complement solid business and technical acumen and we always embrace continuous improvement and teamwork.

Pablo Gimeno Bellver

After ten years as manager in the private sector, Pablo directed his career towards his true vocation as trainer and consultant for managers and entrepreneurs. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and earned his Masters in Business Administration. He has been successfully engaged in private firms, leading training and consulting teams in relevant companies from the most diverse sectors.

Carlos Martínez Gimeno

Carlos has nearly 25 years of professional project management experience in the engineering services and business consulting industries. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and earned his Masters from the University of Valencia. His career joined engineering and construction project management with business areas in several engineering and construction companies, leading working teams with a proactive enthusiastic approach, always focusing on achieving the desired outcomes of the projects.


Our dedicated and talented family of professionals is a self-motivated team which also incorporates experts for each specific Project.

Javi Martínez coordinates the Project Management backyard.

Rafa Sánchez and Toni Martí exhibit high voltage and deep intensity in the technical office.

Javi Barrueco secures structures and constructions.

Cristina and Ana take care of administration, finances and less obvious bric-a-brac.